The Year of the Dragon

2012 is the Year of the Dragon! Dominic's proud parents rule the sea and sky, advise the Emperor, and have high expectations for their son. Meanwhile Dom befriends the boy Bo and the other zodiac animals, who wish to paddle a boat in the village's annual river race. But when other people and Dom's parents disapprove, what will Dom do? Discover Dom's ingenious solution in this enthusiastic tale!

1916 • 1928 • 1940 • 1952 • 1964 • 1976 • 1988 • 2000 • 2012 • 2024

People born in the Year of the Dragon are strong and passionate, as well as idealistic and independent. But they can flare with emotion and be temperamental risk-takers. However, dragons are energetic and shoulder responsibility well, which make them the most reliable companions.


  • "Read To Me" highlights the words to improve reading skills
  • "I Can Read" allows reading at your own pace
  • Individual words can be tapped and multiple words selected to hear that section of the story played back
  • Interactive delights and hidden objects on every page
  • Original music and soothing narration
  • Hints can be turned on to assist in finding interactive thingamabobs
  • Auto Play available if you want to watch the story unfold like a movie

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"This is another top notch animated title from Mobad Media, just in time for Chinese New Year! It features scenes that tilt for a 3D effect when the device is moved, lots of interactivity and a story that will engage kids from start to finish. It even includes some great extras, featuring information about the Chinese Zodiac and a series of hidden coins children can find while exploring each page." - 4.5 out of 5 stars - Digital Storytime

"The Year Of The Dragon is another well done book with beautiful artwork. I love the fact that Mobad Media adds in the word recognition to the pages. The ease of use and beautiful artwork all seem to be a staple in Mobad Media books and The Year Of The Dragon does not disappoint." - AppTudes

"Celebrating the Chinese new year, this beautiful app tells a tale from the Chinese Zodiac about the Year of the Dragon. Enjoy a cultural immersion while reading and interacting through this sleek interactive 3D book." - Apps4Kids

"This is a beautifully designed app. The graphics are outstanding, the story is full of ways to interact with the content, and extra features ensure continued use. It's also an excellent tool to introduce children to another culture and inspire additional learning." - Famigo

"The app is great for young readers, offering word-by-word highlighting, instant playback by tapping on words or phrases, and the ability to either read at your own pace or put the app on autoplay. Kids will be locked in thanks to plenty of interactive games and activities, quality narration, and music made just for the app." - Chip Chicklets

"The age range for Year of the Dragon is broad, as the youngest app set will adore Dom and the interactive features, and emerging and confident readers will enjoy the storyline, the other Chinese zodiac characters, and the hidden surprises." - dotMomming

"The Year of the Dragon celebrates the start of the Chinese New Year with typically vibrant colour and detailed architectural graphics. It is a tale which both honours an ancient culture and appeals to the modern child. Each page has plenty of interactive elements to explore - making Dominic breathe fire to toast his own marshmallows is one of the best." - iPad App Reviews

"A fun way for those strong and passionate Dragon-year babies (be they children, parents or grandparents) to share a story that embraces their Chinese zodiac characteristics through a beautiful series of illustrations and animations that breathe life into the story." - PadGadget



"Favorite Chinese New Year Books for Kids: a planned 12-book series that introduces children to the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Oliver Chin introduces young readers to the characteristics of each zodiac animal through lively stories accompanied by exuberant illustrations." - China Sprout

"This bright and playful story makes the ancient tradition of the Chinese zodiac accessible to children everywhere." - Paper Tigers

"Chin continues to creatively reveal the virtues of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac through his series." - BookDads

"I simply love this book. The richness of the color and the content...The Year of the Dragon is simply fantastic." - Mike Lee, Tien Wah Press

"Perfect timing with the Lunar New Year." - Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

"Thanks so much for letting me see your work - it's really fantastic." - Samantha Brody, associate editor of Scholastic's Parent & Child magazine