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The Penelope Rose (Mac Version)

The Penelope Rose is a magical fairytale of how roses were saved and fairies became the artists of the winged world. This is a revolutionary form of storytelling that you will cherish for years to come.


The Penelope Rose

Enter an enchanted forest filled with stunning illustrations, amazing characters, and fantastic animations presented in a dazzling 3D world that can be experienced without the need for special glasses.


The Penelope Rose HD

The premiere Peek 'n Play book from Mobad Games is a stunning 3D experience for the iPad that will encourage reading and entertain your child with animations and interactivity on every exquisitely crafted page. 


Highlights Silly Shapes

Children will enjoy an imaginative and fun experience that captures their attention and interest as they move and rotate their shapes into place and complete each puzzles.

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February 20, 2010

Highlights Hidden Pictures hits all time highs in app sales

#3 in Kids Games on Feb 20, 2010
#5 in Family Games on Nov 12, 2009
#42 in Top Games on Feb 20, 2010
#74 in Top Apps on Feb 20, 2010